Top 10: Fighting healthcare-associated infections with facilities management

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Our healthcare solutions team recently hosted a webinar uncovering the unexpected impact of facilities management and healthcare compliance on patient safety and clinical outcomes.

“On any given day, about one in 25 hospital patients has at least one healthcare-associated infection,” said JLL Director of Healthcare Technical Operations George Mills. “By taking a proactive approach to compliance, health systems can reduce overall risk in hospital environments.”

George joined JLL last year after serving as Director of the Department of Engineering at The Joint Commission. By exploring the intersection of clinical needs and the physical environment, he’s demonstrating the need for health systems to turn a critical eye to their operational efficiency and outcomes.

Our top 10 webinar takeaways:

  1. Hospitals operating margins have remained relatively flat since 2012, and shockingly…
  2. Hospitals with negative operating margins could rise to 60 percent
  3. A health system’s Environment of Care includes its physical environment, equipment and people, and…
  4. It is consistently and routinely out of compliance, which correlates with clinical risk
  5. Pathogens can be transmitted via everything from surfaces to medical devices to drinking water
  6. And the clinical needs of an organization cannot be met if the physical environment fails
  7. Therefore, clinical and facilities must partner to ensure infection control and improve patient experience
  8. For facilities, this requires doubling down on technology and education around operations, maintenance and building systems to achieve code compliance
  9. The continuity, dependability and standardized operations achieved by integrating facilities and clinical means…
  10. Equipment delivers high-reliability outcomes and patients are only treated for what they came in for

Listen for yourself and view the presentation below.

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