Top 10: Stop hating Mondays, your happiness at work matters

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Human Experience

Yesterday our Suburban Tenant Representation team hosted a webinar exploring the Future of Work and how Human Experience plays a critical role in shaping a productive culture. In other words, it pays for your company to invest in your satisfaction.

“Understanding real estate’s financial and operational performance is now table stakes,” said JLL Managing Director Ed Nolan. “How people feel about work plays a key role in promoting engagement, empowerment and fulfillment at the office.”

In the midst of tenants’ intense focus on reducing gross rent and utilities costs there lies a missed opportunity to harness human capital.

“Even minor improvements in employee productivity and retention can spur double-digit savings in costs per square foot and strategically drive real estate decisions,” said JLL Managing Director Ben Erskine.

Our top 10 webinar takeaways, based on 18 months of JLL research:

1. Winning workplaces make employees feel committed, comfortable and in control.
2. Attract and retain employees with spaces for community and wellbeing.
3. Surprisingly, assigned individual space is no longer paramount.
4. Management, empower employees with trust, kindness and no judgement.
5. Areas for concentration and privacy are key in today’s device-ridden, open office environment.
6. Keys to fulfillment: happiness, recognition and personal development.
7. Innovation is going casual in coffee bars, lounges and on terraces.
8. Collaborative work spaces are great too, like Post-it-covered “war rooms.”
9. Touchy feely matters. Employee performance, productivity and retention directly impact the…
10. Bottom line, and you’ll realize quantifiable business gains.

View the presentation below. It’s never too early to deploy your best differentiator, Human Experience. Your team will thank you by working harder and smarter.