Top 10: Trump’s unexpected impact on suburban Chicago real estate

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TrumpOur Suburban Tenant Representation team recently hosted a webinar exploring how President Trump’s policy changes could impact suburban Chicago real estate.

“With vacancy near 10-year lows, strong tenant demand and robust investment activity, the suburbs continue to be a value story with as much as a $20 per square foot rent differential compared with downtown,” said JLL International Director Andrea Van Gelder.

As the new administration takes shape, the suburban market and its well-balanced economy could be affected in good, bad and surprising ways.

Our top 10 webinar takeaways: 

  1. O’Hare and Northwest submarkets could gain most from financial deregulation-influenced hiring.
  2. Reduced pharmaceutical regulations could propel the North Suburban healthcare engine, but…
  3. A smaller population of insured patients could curtail others’ revenues, decreasing headcounts.
  4. Every $1 billion invested in infrastructure creates 13,000 jobs, which we need because…
  5. The average suburban office worker loses $1,200 per year in wasted fuel and time in traffic.
  6. An outsized number of new suburban Chicago business founders are immigrants (28 percent).
  7. Suburban industrial vacancy down 5.2 percent and rents up 12 percent over the past five years, though…
  8. Protectionist trade policies could harm local manufacturers, adding upward pricing pressure.
  9. Local accounting, financial services and tech can gain from smart tax reform, fueling job and wage growth.
  10. Expect a few more years of industrial steam regardless of policy, thanks to e-commerce.

Listen for yourself and view the presentation below.