Inside Zurich North America Headquarters’ LEED Platinum certification

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Zurich North America Headquarters

JLL’s Jim Plummer, John Musgjerd, Jerry Riordan and Keara Fanning at Zurich North America headquarters’ grand opening

This week the JLL team joined Zurich North America to celebrate the grand opening of the firm’s new 783,800 square-foot Schaumburg headquarters. While the historic project has been years in the making, Wednesday’s event was highlighted by the announcement of the project’s LEED Platinum certification, the highest rating by the U.S. Green Building Council.Zurich North America Headquarters

After the ceremony and some entertainment by the Zurich employee choir, JLL Sustainability Practice Lead Keara Fanning took us on a green tour, showcasing the industry-leading outcomes achieved by the team’s LEED Platinum pursuit:

Health and Wellness

Zurich North America Headquarters

This near 40-acre site is more than 70 percent landscaped open space—that’s 637 trees! Offering employees access to green space, daylight and views is a proven contributor to health and wellness, Keara tells us. Coupled with the freedom of choice that comes with height-adjustable work stations, Zurich employees will see a remarkable boost in wellbeing and productivity in their new space.

Energy Excellence

Zurich North America Headquarters

Zurich’s nearly 1 acre of green roofs is more than just a sustainable view for employees—it plays a key role in decreasing the heat island effect. That means a reduction in energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions, along with improved air quality. Keara also points out the building’s double skin façade as a key driver of energy savings, as it allows for floor-to-ceiling windows while maintaining energy efficiency and indoor comfort for employees. Façades also feature automated shading, prompted by daylight sensors. The building even boasts a 62 percent reduction in energy costs!

Forward-Thinking Transit

Zurich North America Headquarters

Once employees move in, we’ll begin to see the future of suburban transit, Keara says. Zurich’s parking facilities include eight electric vehicle charging stations and 126 low-emitting vehicle parking spots, which are open to sustainable transportation methods like hybrid cars and carpools. The building is also located off stops for two public bus routes.

What’s missing? Employees!

Zurich North America Headquarters


Zurich North America’s nearly 3,000 employees and contractors will move into their new home in phases in the coming weeks. JLL is proud to have been a part of this collaborative journey and wishes Zurich’s team a bright future in their new space!

More information on JLL’s role in this project here.

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